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October 4th, 2007

The wedding had its problems. Her 15 year old daughter nearly didn’t show up and pretty much sulked her way through the reception. She was not a happy bridesmaid! The bride and groom were nervous wrecks. And after the wedding, his 7 year old son cried all night because he thought his father was leaving him forever.

The first 18 months in their blended family were stressful. The kids clung to their bio parents ignoring their new stepparents as much as possible. The parents felt torn between their unhappy kids and their new spouses who they just vowed to love, honor, and support for better or for worse. This felt pretty worse to them!

Congratulations and welcome to stepcoupling!

Sound familiar? It should because this is a fairly typical picture of early stepcoupling. . It’s a tough adjustment for the adults as well as the kids. But, this couple is lucky because they were strong enough to sooth each other and pull the family through the challenges. Their love and energy paved the way to build healthy relationships…over time… with all the kids in their family combined family – his, hers, and theirs.

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