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August 19th, 2008

Ever notice how STUCK you can get? Ever notice how you and your partnerCouple spin around and around getting hung up on the same stuff – often around childrearing, money and ex-spouses. You get fixed in your own feelings and ways of doing things; you have a hard time considering each other’s feelings. You play the “do it my way” game. Your spouse replies with the “no, you do it my way” response. You tell your partner to “discipline” the kids; partner refuses. You fight and no one wins. It can get pretty ugly throwing barbs, threats and ultimatums at each other. You reach an impasse. After a cool down, you make up and again pledge your love to each other. You have blind faith it won’t happen again. But in time, the familiar hassles come up. Your feelings are strong and painful…and scary, because you surely don’t want to face another failed marriage.

So what has to happen to break this spin cycle?

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