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Think About The Kids

October 10th, 2008

Kids playingIt’s easy to get wrapped up in your own self pity – thoughts about how hard stepcoupling is, resentments and jealousies about the stepchildren, the exes, etc…you know the issues!

But what about the kids? What are they dealing with? Stepcoupling is hard on them too.

The mere fact that their biological parents are no longer together, and one or both parents are with new partners is devastating to kids.

Remarriage doesn’t mean that the kids don’t still love and miss their absent biological parents terribly. Divorce and remarriage is upsetting and confusing to children. Just so you know!

As adults in a stepcouple, you have two areas to concentrate on – one is adjusting to each other as a couple and the other is helping all the children adjust to the loss and changes in their lives.

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