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Help! Holidays Are Coming Fast!

The holidays are coming fast.  I’m afraid I can’t possibly make everyone happy.  I can’t do everything I want to do.  There’s not enough time.   Not enough money.  I can’t find the gift I want… because they probably don’t make it anymore!

Stuff happens when you least expect it.

I have to STOP MYSELF.  I have to say NO to those negative thoughts and disappointments.  And move on.  You can do it too.

Take care of yourself during the upcoming days.  Enjoy what you can do… and are doing already.  Forget the rest.  In the spirit of giving, give yourself a break.

Have a “good enough” holiday season.  Be content.

I wish all of you happy, relaxed and peaceful holidays.

Susan Wisdom, MA
December 2010

I’ll see you online in January 2011.

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