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TIME FOR HEALING…Relationships and More

I didn’t know what to expect! I recently had back surgery and have been recovering in bed at home. Lots of time to think and reminisce.

I’ve been in a stepfamily for 35 years. Seems like just yesterday that I was yelled at “GET OUT OF MY LIFE”…or worse,” I HATE YOU, BITCH and so do all of my friends!” My own kids had their moments, but it didn’t hurt as much. I could deal with them. I felt helpless and angry at my stepkids.

I remember calls from school…they weren’t calling to praise my kid! I remember curfew violations when I had no idea where the kids were or with whom. I remember arguments with David about raising his kids and mine in one house. It always seemed so unfair and hard.

I seriously wanted to run away. It seemed like the only solution to my misery. I cried a lot and drank too much wine after a bad day. I felt like a failure. If it weren’t for David’s and my bond and willingness to talk, we certainly wouldn’t have lasted.

I shiver to think that I could have thrown it all away. This week, all our five kids have been there for me with phone calls, visits, flowers and food. Such a showing of love and caring from them has touched me tremendously. I’m still reeling from the feelings.

We’ve all grown up and moved to a different place. Thank God for healing and maturation…and patience!

Susan Wisdom, MA
March 2011

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One response to “TIME FOR HEALING…Relationships and More”

  1. I was just thinking about you and now I know why I have not seen you in SO long. I rarely get to the club but when I do I think of you. Hope your healing is progressing.

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