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A new word and a new paradigm for those in a remarriage with children.  This book… a classic in stepfamily studies… outlines just why stepcouples are more vulnerable to divorce—and what they can do to turn the odds around and strengthen their partnership.
  Five Star Review, Wednesday Martin, Author of Stepmonster.


“Well organized and concisely written beauty of a self-help book.  Stepcouples are taught how to ford the distance between destructive fighting patterns and the patterns of harmony, acceptance and reflection that they need. This book instructs us on how to create this new family unit without sacrificing intimacy and connection between the new partners.”
  Five Star Review, Marty Babits, LCSW, BCD, and Author of “The Power of the Middle


“Super book. This book nailed a very hard topic.  I related to this author and I feel very good about the tools I gained.”
  Five Star Review, a reader

“My husband read the book too and from that point on we began the process of building a strong family.”
  Five Star Review, a reader


“This book has become my Bible.  I learned about expectations and boundaries, how to deal with an ex-spouse, how to communicate effectively with my new husband, his child and my own children. I was able to relate to the examples.  [It was] helpful to know that other people had the same problems and felt the same way.”
  Five Star Review, a reader


“Essential book for stepcouples and professionals! While it is clearly a ‘remarriage manual’, it is more useful than most because it integrates theory in quite a readable, understandable way.  For example, family of origin theory is used to demonstrate how unresolved, early life issues can further complicate stepcoupling relationships..  Highly recommended for stepcouples as well as counselors and therapists who see these couples in their practice.”
  Five Star Review, Sandra C. Anderson, PhD, Professor, Portland State University
  School of Social Work


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