What is stepfamily coaching and how do I get some of that?

When it feels like you are struggling to keep your head above water as a stepmom, stepfamily coaching can help. As a certified stepfamily coach I can provide you with tips and tools, insights and awareness so you feel you can put on a lifejacket to navigate the choppy waters and find your safe ground. Self preservation can be a monumental task when it feels like you are an outsider in your own home and you don’t know where to turn for practical advice to cope. The dynamics of stepfamily life are HARD, let me support you and walk you through challenges both big and small. Because sometimes the small ones turn into the monumental ones. What are you waiting for?

Ask Ali:
Email me your current question and I will send you an outline of steps you can take right now to manage the stepfamily drama! Include with your question :the key players (intimate partner, any exes -yours & his, kids); how long you’ve been a family; things you’ve tried; and what’s working for you. I will email you back within 24 hours and you’ll have some solutions created just for you.

Managing the Chaos of the Kids:
Feeling like your going to lose it with his kids/ yours/ours? Email me your current crisis with all the key players and the story of your family (how long have you been together), who the main disciplinarian is, and what you’ve tried before and I can walk you through some quick techniques to get you grounded fast! (24 hour response time)

Chat with Ali:

One to one telephone/Skype/Facetime or Zoom sessions for just you ( by appointment only). Some evening and weekend sessions are available. We can tape the sessions for you to keep.

Privacy through Email:

If you feel that privacy is an issue or you prefer to process your issues through writing we can do email conversations. I can answer your questions over an hour long session

The Stepparent Sessions:

Do you know already that just one session isn’t going to be enough to meet your needs ? I am available for multiple telephone/Skype/ Facetime or Zoom sessions¬† to create a specific goal plan just for you.

Multiple Sessions

For Canmore Retreat deposit only!!