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My Approach

Since the adult stepcouple is the foundation and glue in the stepfamily, I encourage and educate the stepcouple on ways to stabilize and strengthen their relationship so together they can raise healthy children.

To create and maintain an effective, enduring stepcouple, you need four elements:

  1. Connection – Building a relationship that’s special for the two of you.
  2. Communication –Talking, listening, and hearing each other with curiosity and respect.
  3. Co-parenting – Negotiating a plan for how to parent as a team.
  4. Clarification – Sorting out baggage you bring into the relationship.

You may already have one or two of these elements in your relationship. The challenge is to develop all four. When you do, you’ll know it because your stepcouple and your entire stepfamily will feel safe and secure…even when challenges come up.

Still not sure if stepcoupling is right for you? Take a brief relationship quiz to find out if you can benefit from my approach.

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