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The Four C's -
The Keys To Successful Stepcouple Relationships

  1. Are you struggling to Connect with your partner with all the other demands in your life (kids, work, home, etc)?
  2. Have you been trying to Communicate with your spouse, only to find you end up in an argument?
  3. Do you find that Co-parenting children together is more challenging and complicated than you thought it would be?
  4. Do you wish you could Clarify what’s going on for you in a healthy, easily understood way?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, you are not alone! Being in a stepcouple relationship is unique and challenging, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. There is no other relationship on the planet like it.

Stepcouples face unique challenges for sure!   I know because not only have I been a part of one for many years but I’ve also counseled hundreds of stepcouples and stepfamilies along the way.   We all have one thing in common.  We love our adult partners…and we have children, stepchildren and exes from previous relationships to deal with.  So HOW do we attend to our children, stepchildren, exes, etc. and keep our stepcouple relationship alive and well? 
It takes just four C’s.

I am thrilled to offer this Audio download as an additional tool, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere! In the car, at the gym, and on your morning walk. You can listen together or listen alone. You can listen in as a refresher to prevent an argument, or you can listen when you are in crisis.  The format makes the information instantly accessible whenever you need it.  I believe this information is the foundation to building successful stepcouple and parent-child, parent-stepchild relationships.

When conflicts come up over and over, STOP arguing in the same old way, and LISTEN to these timeless tips.

What you will learn in this 30 minute audio download:

  • How to take the first steps toward building a happier, healthier stepcouple
  • What the Four C’s are and why they are important to the health of your stepcouple, along with examples of each one
  • How to effectively and lovingly communicate with your partner, and why it is so important
  • Real life examples of what works, and what doesn’t

I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of stepfamilies achieve their own goals, and now I’d like to help you by offering this simple tool!


Click the “Buy Now” Button below to receive your Audio Download “The Four C’s – The Keys To Successful Stepcouple Relationships” (Once you’ve completed the purchase, click the link on your PayPal receipt page to “Return to Susan Wisdom LPC”. This is where you will find the link to access your audio product.)

For only $9.99 you’ll have instant access to this great information.

As always, I invite you to contact me with any questions and wish you and your family wonderful success,

Susan Wisdom

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