“Ever love someone so much that you’d  do anything for them? Well, make that someone yourself, and be good to you!”

-Karen Salmon

THIS RETREAT IS ALL FOR YOU. THIS IS YOUR TIME !! INHALE PRISTINE MOUNTAIN AIR….feel the stress, the anxiety leave your body. Feel your muscles relax with every breath…replenish your soul…rejuvenate your strength..

The Canadian Rockies are the background. Surround yourself with the strength of women who get you the way your other friends and family don’t…and CAN’T.

Here’s your chance to set yourself on a new trajectory if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

Do you feel yourself being stretched further and further sacrificing for children you didn’t give birth to?

Are you feeling lost, alone and standing on the sidelines trying to navigate your role as  a stepmom and fit into a premade family?

Do you feel like you’re losing ground in your intimate relationship to your stepkids?

Then join us for a stepmom retreat. All you have to do is take care of your wants and needs for 2 nights and 2 days.  Easy peasy! Due to the Covid pandemic, we are waiting for things to open up. But, details are coming soon on a hybrid in person and virual retreat!  Join us to feel replenished and renewed and meet some other amazing stepmamas. Want to know more sign up here


Relearn about, and remember who you are

Better understand your role as a stepmom.

Understanding your expectations.

Disciplining the stepkids.

How to support your relationship with your spouse.

How to prepare for your future beyond stepparenting the kids.

Opportunities to socialize, learn from the experiences of other stepmoms, have fun and laugh, and….RELAX with out the demands of other people!

We have  amazing workshops/seminars, fabulous fun and fantastic food. There will be lots of opportunities to socialize, relax, and SHOP!!

PLUS, I will  be right there if you need some one on one, solution focussed support tailor made for you. I have had my own personal struggles as an adult in a stepfamily and now as a stepmom. I know how hard it can be…

AND HERE was what happened at the  last retreat!

A mix of laughter and learning …well more laughter. It was INCREDIBLE!!

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Here’s what some of the ladies said about it:

Michelle  from Manitoba:

“This retreat was an amazing experience that I will hold close to me. I feel better equipped to deal with the challenges of this blender we live in. I feel more connected to my husband and  I feel more centered from this weekend.  It was exactly what I needed. Great mix of social and  educational.  The support and friendship of fellow step mom’s is what has saved my marriage”

Anonymous: “It seems it was the absolute perfect timing for ALL who attended! a “retreat” from our busy, often times so routine, & sometimes negative filled lives! was a perfect RESET…that’s what you should call the couples retreat! which I really hope to attend!”

Anonymous: What an *amazing* weekend. The laughs and the instant connection with women that you’ve never met is priceless. To know that you are understood and that you have everyone’s support on this crazy road cannot be measured. To laugh so hard and remembering that you used to laugh often and what it was like? What a great reminder to recharge our own batteries and find the fun in our every day.   Really, this weekend away is *priceless*. There’s no way to explain what it did to each of us who were there. Start saving now, a little bit each week or each month. And don’t let you talk yourself out of it if you are anxious about meeting new people. I met 12 women this weekend and it feels like I’ve known them my whole life. The recharge, the laughter, the friendships, the information from the sessions are invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ali. You did an amazing job and all of us that attended thank you!!”