There are no simple rule books for step parenting. If parenting is the toughest job in the world add about an extra 50 shades of confusion to the dynamics of step families. Trying to get clear about step mom roles and rules while raising someone else’s kids is no easy feat. It’s good to get a handle on expectations as soon as you can: if you expect to parent the kids and/or are you expected to parent the kids. So many swirling questions can bombard a seasoned parent let a lone a never parented before mom. These challenges are hard ones: where do you fit in without fading out to the background? How do you establish personal boundaries? Who gives you the authority to discipline someone else’s kids? How do you deal with the undermining?

Some other challenges are how to handle difficult emotions and behaviours without the explosions and eruptions when it comes to a child not born to you. The heart is so fragile and so is the ego. It may seem impossible to navigate and separate feelings to gain clarity, but it can be done! How do you not take it personally? How do you manage your own emotions? I can help you see the forest AND the trees. Connect with me for some of my insights I’ve learned on my journey. Together we can find the answers!