Time for ourselves…it is something we never seem to find but something we always want and wish for. But despite our best intentions we never can seem to carve out that time. Somehow something sneaks in to steal those precious few moments where we feel we can finally catch our breath. And we must catch our breath. This is about finding time for ourselves so we can replenish. Self care is a really foreign concept for all moms. We as caregivers are the worst offenders of taking time for self care. Without self care we are spent and run along the fine line of burn out. We try to keep it together for as long as we can. Stress really takes a huge toll on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Stress is the flight or fight reaction we needed for survival for that burst of energy we needed to protect us from predators who thought of us as tasty appetizers. When the threat of impending doom was gone so was the stress. Now the predator is stress itself. And it is stress that eats away at our body, our hearts, our minds on a daily basis. There are so many well known health risks associated with high levels of stress. But if we constantly sacrifice ourselves for everyone else then what have we left for ourselves? As stepmoms stress is a constant and it often has nasty companions with it called self doubt and self criticism. It’s important to take care of ourselves first and love ourselves first. I’ve relearned the importance of self care and radical self acceptance. It’s not easy but it can be done! Time to kick that which no longer serves us to the curb!!