Do you want to build a healthy, long lasting stepcouple relationship that defies the statistics of 70% divorce rate for couples in stepfamilies? 

Stepcouples need extra support and resources in order to succeed. The statistics prove that intentional efforts are necessary. The intense and complicated dynamics of blending new lives and former lives that include children and exes are not experienced by first time families.

Why is it so important to come to The Successful Stepcouple Retreat?

Is it cheap? No. But neither is your marriage and it’s success. Here’s a quote that I love from one of my favourite stepmama friends:
“It’s a challenge! Ironically our struggle right now is finances.. I will do whatever I can to make this retreat. Sell odds and ends etc… because to me… making things like this retreat a priority is how we stay strong as a couple. We can’t give up “eh can’t afford us time so let’s stay at home and nit pick at each other “… heck no to that!”

So you may be wondering how the stepcouple retreat is going to benefit your marriage. You will walk away feeling validated in your roles, inspired in your relationship, and empowered to make the changes you need for your stepcouple success.  Topics covered have been inspired by the book “Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong  Marriage in Today’s Blended Family”.

These are the important elements we will focus on:

  • Understanding boundaries, roles and expectations- what’s realistic regarding exes and stepkids
  • Improving Communication- what your needs are and how to have them met, how to handle conflict so you both come out ahead
  • Simple and effective ways to reconnect and stay connected
  • How to co-parent as a team in your own home
  • Self care and couple care and how this is necessary for sustaining your relationship
  • Find out how your previous relationships (from your family of origin and intimate relationships

This is time away for the two of you to focus just on the two of you. And your man will appreciate the opportunity to talk to other men who “get” the guys perspective on life in the blender. This retreat turns the tables on the belief that “Only other stepmoms get what it’s like to be a stepmom” . 

The theme for The Successful Stepcouple Retreat is Growing Together as a Couple. The entire weekend will be dedicated to renewing and recharging your intimate relationship. Come join me for a weekend of fun, relaxation, reflection and re-connection. Limited numbers. Get your spot by contacting me for a deposit today! Limited spots available.

JOIN ME FOR THE SUCCESSFUL STEPCOUPLE RETREAT COMING SPRING 2022 (** based on Covid restrictions on travel and social gatherings**)

Here’s what was said after the last stepcouple retreat:

“Ali has forever changed my life. She is so knowledgeable and supportive in helping me. She has saved my marriage, a deeply troubled and damaged marriage at one time. Since gaining my trust and helping me to work on my marriage, she eventually gained the respect and appreciation of my spouse as well. He reluctantly came to a step-couples marriage retreat. ‘Drug’ his heels!!! He took many notes, however, loving the sound advice she shared with us. We both are looking forward to working more with Ali. We both know she can help you too!”  D.M


What does the event typically include?

Includes 2 nights at a 4 star hotel, 2 breakfasts, 2 hot lunches, all seminars on Saturday and Sunday and a resource binder. Oh yeah and a few exciting surprises! We will have a Friday evening meet and greet at a local pub and Saturday evening is open for you and your spouse to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Canadian Rockies- on your own 😉 It builds relationships amongst the men too!  You will find your stepfamily allies and new friends here.

Payment options