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10 weeks to finding inner peace.. and unity in your partnership

Resentment… even saying the word feels bitter in the mouth. I was there. And it ate my soul. Not only that, it robbed me of my health, my peace and joy. It deflated myself worth. BUT, once that wound was healed, I not only found peace and joy, but my marriage got back on track and my daughters are connected to their siblings. It was a better gift than I realized it would be. If resentment is robbing you, how do you want to feel instead?

· Do you want to feel back in BALANCE with your stepfamily life and not have the ex dictate what you do, when you do it and how you do it?

· Do you want to overcome the resentment that’s built up and makes you question if steplife is all worth it?

· Do you want to feel like you are tuned back into yourself and you can put yourself and your needs first?

· Do you want to feel like you and your partner are on the same team?

Who is this group coaching program for?

Stepmoms who are tired of feeling resentment towards their partners, their stepchildren and their stepfamily life and who are worried that the resentment will lead to relationship disolution

This breakthrough group coaching program is designed to teach you how to overcome your resentment so you can create confidence and peace in your steplife. Ali created this program after going through stepmom burnout, massive resentment, feelings of rejection and abandonment to finding calm, confidence and clarity in her stepfamily life.

In this program, you will get access to:

1. Ten 1.5 hour online group coaching sessions with Ali opening with meditations/visualizations to help you connect to your sacred stepmom sisterhood. (includes access to the recording of the classes in case you missed any live sessions)

2. Coaching questions/ presentation ahead of each class with journal prompts to maximize your momentum. Ongoing, supported practice that builds upon each previous class.

3. Customized actionable steps, exercises and strategies to implement right away to accelerate your progress and manifest your vision of stepmom success and self empowerment

4. Email follow up and accountability groups/partners In between sessions.

5. Communication tools, role playing and scripts to bust through communication roadblocks

Transformation you can expect when you dig in to the program and commit to yourself:

1. Be confidently connected to your inner power, claiming the peace you deserve and crave.

2. Feeling In control of your life; in and out of the blend

3. Feel better equipped to roll with the intrusions into your head, heart and soul space

4. Equipped to deal with the chaos and find power in acceptance

5. Feeling valued In your role and place In your stepfamily life.

At the end of the 10 weeks we spend time with a wrap up with CELEBRATION OF THE ELEVATION ceremony!

Interested in YOUR journey of empowerment and peace? Email me at or reach out on my contact page for details! Want to get in on the wait list for next session? Secure your spot today by clicking here for a complimentary Successful Stepmom Strategy Session to see if this program is a fit for you! Did you see the journal prompts I created for releasing resentment? Get them here.