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Handling Holiday Hassles

December 17th, 2008

During holiday time, do you ever feel like “throwing a shoe at yourhrt16905 partner and calling him a dog”? You may not be alone, but that’s probably not the most effective way to deal with holiday and financial stresses.

Holidays are tough, especially this year, it seems.  If you live in the Northwest, you’re house bound by an arctic blast that won’t let up.  Say goodbye to holiday parties, activities, shopping, etc… too icy and no money anyway!  The kids/stepkids are due for their visits, and you’re torn between looking forward to it and dreading it. The kids may be feeling the same way.

Nerves are frazzled.  You wish you could be like a bear and come out when it’s all over.  But that’s not an option.  So prepare yourself.  Be strong and keep your stepcouple connection and communication on a high level.  WORK ON IT.

Here are some stepcouple DO’S AND DON’TS during this holiday season.

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Tis The Season: Creating Peaceful Holidays As A Stepfamily

December 3rd, 2008

Happy HolidaysIn my first marriage, I knew exactly how to get ready for the holidays. Our traditions were set in stone. We went to the same Christmas tree lot every year. Our kids left food out for Santa. We ate scrambled eggs and English muffins for breakfast and a lamb roast for dinner. Planning for the holidays was easy!

When my first marriage ended, I spent a couple of holiday seasons solo while my children visited their dad.

Then I met and married my husband. As a stepcouple, we had custody of my two children and his three. Our first Christmas was challenging; we had different expectations. When we went to get our Christmas tree, I wanted to go to my favorite lot; he wanted to chop his own tree down. When we decorated the tree, he brought out the tinsel. I hate tinsel! We clashed on several issues.

Years later, the kids have grown, and we’re grandparents. We still don’t agree on everything about the holidays, but we’ve learned how to make the holidays special for us and our family.

Some tips stepcouples can use to enjoy the holidays as a stepfamily:

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