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Adventures Of A Stepcouple: Kitten Rescue!

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We were looking forward to some quiet days on our boat soaking up the rays and enjoying the harvest moon. The first morning we took a walk down a gravel road through the nature preserve on Sauvie Island. Suddenly, we’re stopped by plaintive cries of what sounded like a kitten stuck in some nearby blackberry brambles. We peered into the thicket but couldn’t see a thing. The pitiful voice moved back and forth but never showed itself. David’s pocketknife was insufficient in cutting away the thorny vines. We shrugged, agreed it was a pity… and walked away.

We returned later with large sticks but that didn’t work either. The mewing continued, very loudly at times. We finally had to give up, deciding to let nature take its course. This poor abandoned kitty would probably end up feeding a hungry coyote, or so we figured.We had a restless sleep on our boat worrying about the kitty. The next morning, despite misgivings, we had to go back. David, the optimist, packed tuna fish and water in his pockets thinking that just maybe, she’s still alive. I couldn’t imagine her lasting that long!

To our surprise, when we got to the brambles, kitty was still crying like crazy. We approached the brambles from the backside and were able to open a space big enough to entice her out. She was a tiny, scruffy grey kitten with a dirty pink nose.

She attacked the tuna fish can with her entire body shaking like a leaf. Her little legs barely held her up. David wrapped her in his shirt and we walked her to the safety of our boat.

It was a busy weekend at the moorage. Kitty became the center of attention. Someone brought us a cardboard box, which we filled with beach sand. Kitty knew exactly what to do with that! (She’s very smart!) Someone else brought her cat food. We named her Willow.

She slept with us all night. There was only one problem – we already had an old cat, Phyllis, at home and didn’t want another one.

Other boaters were willing to take her, but neither of us could let Willow go. We worried about Phyllis at home. We knew it wasn’t going to be pretty! When they met, there was a whole lot of spitting and growling going on.

First thing Monday morning, we took Willow to the vet for a work up. We learned that our new cat is a healthy 4 to 5 week old kitten, for certain. But kitty is not a
girl – – he’s a BOY… now named WILLY!

As you reach the end of this quick story, our wish is that you are left with a smile, hope for the future, and inspiration to continue to create your own stepcouple adventures. Anything is possible!
Susan and David Wisdom
October 2012

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