I am thrilled to have a dialogue with this amazing author whose book Stepmonster is hitting high marks and selling like hotcakes!

About her book, I wrote the following endorsement:

“She’s done it!  Martin has told the TRUTH about being a stepmother, backed it up with extensive research, interviews, and stories.  With deep understanding and empathy for women with stepchildren, Stepmonster will inspire stepcouples, benefitting them as well as the children they are raising.

“I wholeheartedly endorse this surprising, honest, fascinating book and will recommend it to anyone on the journey of stepcoupling, stepparenting and especially stepmothering.”  May 2009

Wednesday Martin, much to my delight, responded with this:

“When the author of a classic in stepfamily studies emails you out of the blue to praise your book, it’s incredibly exciting and gratifying. When she’s also an expert stepfamily therapist who has made a career of saving the most endangered marriages of all–well, even more so. And when she’s the person who coined the term “stepcoupling,” it’s reason to crow.”
May 14, 2009

Wednesday and I agree that her book, Stepmonster and my book Stepcoupling complement each other perfectly.  Years ago when I found myself in a stepfamily raising three stepchildren and two biologicals, I would have given anything for the honesty and openness that these books provide.

Susan Wisdom
May 2009

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